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New Website!

We are pleased to launch a major update to the sVc website and online store. We have invested in a significant expansion of our range, with many new categories of product added:

  • To complement our popular range of servos we now offer brake and clutch hose and pipe as well as 100s of re-usable fittings and adaptors.
  • Clips, clamps, washers and seals for every job - including 'O', 'P', saddle, Gemelli wire, worm drive, nut and bolt clips; copper, fibre and shake proof washers, bonded seals and cable ties
  • A large selection of great value workshop tools tailored to our product range - plus many handy consumables, including bonnet tape to sealants, gasket paper, rubber and sponge
  • Over 170 ignition parts for Lucas distributors fitted to vintage and classic cars from 30s to the 1980s, plus over 120 types of spark plug for over 2000 vehicle applications
  • More lights and accessories than ever before, as well as 500 types of halogen and incandescent bulb and 170+ LEDs bulbs - to ensure sVc remains 'The Leading Light'
  • AC type mechanical fuel pumps and repair kits for 100s of applications, plus electric fuel pumps, filters, regulators, pipe and fittings.
  • Oil system and lubrication parts - including over 70 oil filter adaptor kits from Flexolite, everything you need for oil cooling and filtration systems plus Castrol's range of classic oils and greases
  • Cable, conduit, wiring terminals, connector blocks and waterproof 'superseal' type connectors, all at great prices

The update brings a change to the initial log in process - if you have ordered from SVC in the last four years, our system will recognise your email address - please use the forgotten password link to set up a new password (noting sometimes password reset emails may be diverted to junk folders). If you experience any issues at all, please get in touch, or just use the 'Quick Guest Checkout' option - although contact and address details will need to be manually added at checkout, your order will be linked up with your customer account during processing. We are also working to add in PayPal facilities.

Thank you for your support and your interest in sVc - please take some time to browse our new site and see the expanded range of products we can now provide.

New range of LED bulbs on the way!

The range of bulbs has been specified for positive and negative earth as well 6, 12 and 24V applications. Some of the bulbs can cope with a span of input voltages and are also not polarity sensitive. Warm white (classic) and bright white (modern) light tone options are available for many of the lamps, as well as clear, red and amber bulbs for all other classic and vintage applications.

Bases include H4 P43t, H4 P45T, British Pre-focus P36S and P36D, Bosch BA20S, Marchal BA21D, American Pre-focus P15D 30, motorcycle PX15D 25.1 and P15D 25.3 fitments, BA15S, BA15D, BAY15D, BA9S, BA7S, MES E10, WEDGE T10 and many sizes of Festoon lamp. Headlamp bulbs are available with and without integral lenses - those with lenses focus their own beam, so their performance is not dependent on reflector quality, though they can't be used with tripod or bi-flex style lamps. A range of indicator bulbs will also be available - including combined sidelight and indicator bulbs - that will need to be used with LED compatible flasher units, also available on the site.

Product details are in the process of being added to the site and the bulbs are in production - with delivery throughout June. Please browse the range and get in touch for further information.

Extended Range of Revotec Fan Controllers and Water Cooling Accessories

In addition to our extensive range of fans and tailor made fan kits for popular classics including selected Jaguars, MGs, Triumphs and Daimlers, we now offer a wider range of cooling system installation accessories such as universal brackets, flush mounts, fan feet, earthing and fitting kits.

We have also added a full range of electronic fan controllers - for 25 to 45mm diameter hose sizes - for POSITIVE EARTH systems, in response to increased demand for upgraded cooling systems for older vehicles. Modern traffic and the hotter engine temperatures associated with running on ethanol containing fuels such as E5 and now E10 often require improved engine cooling.

Our range of positive and negative earth fan controllers, fans, fan accessories and switches allow installation of tailored cooling systems offering adjustable, automatic operation as well as manual override. When wiring positive earth systems it is important to consider the condition of the entire electrical system, as the power output of older dynamo based systems available to drive modern fans will be lower than that from higher output positive earth, alternator powered systems.

AC Mechanical Fuel Pump Repair

We now offer a wide range of repair kits and components for AC mechanical fuel pumps. The kits have 100s of vintage and classic vehicle applications from the 1930s into the 1970s, where AC offered highly efficient mechanical fuel pumps that were used by the majority of car and light commercial vehicle manufacturers. The list of components in each kit was created from records of the period and components have been remanufactured from materials specified to be compatible with ethanol containing fuels, including E5 and E10.

To aid selection of the correct kit, we have complied an application database of over 500 common classic vehicle applications and a full repair kit is available for most applications, though only a diaphragm or selected components in a few instances.

The ‘Help and Instructions’ section at the top of the Repair Kit and Repair Component product categories provides useful advice on dismantling, cleaning, refurbishing and re-assembling mechanical fuel pumps - as well as guidance on fuel pump, connection and engine pad gasket types, to help you identify your fuel pump and select the correct repair kit for your application if it is not listed in the search database.

To search over 500 pre 1970s vehicle applications please visit the product category.

New range of 52mm gauges complete with sensors

A new range of stylish and affordable 52mm 12 volt instruments for fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature and voltage. The gauges are supplied complete with matching sensor equipment. The gauges have a black face and black powder coated steel rim with a very high quality finish. All gauges are supplied with mounting kit, back light bulb holder and bulb as well as full fitting instructions.

The fuel gauge is supplied with vertical mount fuel sender unit for fuel tanks 5 to 27" deep - stem depth adjustment range 2 5/8" to 13 5/8" and float arm adjustment range 2 11/16" to 17 13/16". The oil pressure and water temperature sensors have an 1/8" NPT thread for oil/water system connection and electrical signal wire terminal for connection to the 0 to 100 PSI and 40 to 120 degrees C marked gauges. The four gauges together provide a smart and cost effective instrument package for your most important level readings.

Champion and NGK Spark Plugs

We supply an extensive range of over 120 Champion and NGK spark plugs that cover over 2000 vintage and classic vehicle model applications from over 130 vehicle marques. Our application database presents a choice of Champion or NGK plugs where available for your vehicle as well as advising the recommended plug gap for each make of plug.

Where direct equivalent products are no longer available for some older plugs and applications, we list the modern equivalent and note whether the available plug may require an 18mm to 14mm thread insert for example. We have also recorded original Champion plug numbers against selected applications and relevant later plug numbers, to aid identification of a suitable alternative when part numbers have been superseded.

We offer a range of accessories to complement our range of spark plugs - including caps, adaptors and spare spark plug holders.

To search over 2000 pre 1985 vehicle applications please visit the Spark Plug categories