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Stafford Vehicle Components

Welcome to Stafford Vehicle Components

We specialise in the supply of a wide range of components for classic and vintage cars, from our new home in Malvern Worcestershire. We offer a huge selection of parts for classic, kit and specialist sports cars including car lights, switches, mirrors, wiring accessories and washer and wiper systems. We stock most leading brands and also manufacture many new and replica lights to a very high specification.

We have recently added 1000s of new products to an expanded range of website categories:

Spark Plugs

Over 120 types of Champion and NGK spark plug for over 2000 classic car applications, plus a comprehensive selection of accessories

Oil cooler kit for classic car

Over 70 types of Flexolite oil filter adaptor kit to make servicing your classic easier, plus over 50 packaged oil cooler and filter relocation systems- as well as filters, adaptors, hose, fittings, oil and lubricants

LED headlamp upgrade bulbs

Over 160 ignition parts for 100s of British vintage and classic car distributor types - including premium condensers, contact sets, rotor arms, distributor caps, clips, bushes and bearings

Fuel pumps for classic cars

An extended range of fuel system components including a comprehensive range of AC mechanical fuel pumps and repair kits

Hose clips and clamps

100s of clips, clamps, washers, seals and ties as well as a great selection of good value workshop tools and consumables to help you fit your new parts and maintain your vehicle

However comprehensive, we understand a website cannot answer all your questions, so if you’d rather pick up the 'phone, we’d be very happy to hear from you. And if you looking for more specialist vintage car parts - please click here to see what Vintage Supplies has to offer for your vehicle.

Featured Posts

Classic Bulbs

Over 500 types of traditional and halogen auto bulbs to cover most applications up to c1990. Also over 160 LED bulbs to provide a high-quality, lower power consumption alternative.

New Website!

A major update of sVc's site including 1000's of new products and many new categories - please look around to see what we can now offer!

New range of LED bulbs on the way!

sVc has created a range of over 170 premium LED bulbs to offer an LED upgrade solution for all lamps and applications.

New range of 52mm gauges complete with sensors

New range of stylish and affordable 52mm instruments for fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature and Voltage. The gauges are supplied complete with matching sensor equipment.

Champion and NGK Spark Plugs

An extensive range of over 120 Champion and NGK spark plugs that cover over 2000 vintage and classic vehicle model applications from over 130 vehicle marques.