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Oil Cooler & Filter Relocation Systems - Generic Filter Relocation System

Generic Filter Relocation System

Filters may be relocated where: the orginal filter installation is very constrained making maintenance difficult, space is too tight to fit a new oil filter adptor kit, where cooling is required and again - there is insufficient space for the installation of a conversion kit and sandwich plates. If you need help configuring a relocation system for your vehicle from our range of parts then please contact us for assistance. A basic relocation system will include a sandwich plate such as OSP1 and a top plate such as OTP1 - if a spin on oil filter is currently being used OR, if not, various threaded adaptors from the filter block connection to the required 1/2" or 5/8 hose. Male/male threaded adaptors between sandwich plates/remote filter heads and the hose are usually M22x1.5, 1/2" BSP or 1/2" NPT to -8JIC (for 1/2" hose) or -10JIC (for 5/8" hose). Bonded seals are needed for between the adaptors and the plates/filter heads. 'Push On' hose fittings with -8 or 10 JIC female threads and hosetails for 1/2" or 5/8" hose - either straight, 45 deg or 90 deg - are used on hose ends. Between approximately 2 and 4m of oil hose - 1/2" hose for engines less than 2 litre capacity with short hose runs where flow resistance is not likely to be an issue. 5/8" hose for engines greater than 2 litre capacity or where there is likely to be a flow restriction. 'P' clips to support the hose. A remote filter head with a port configuration most suited to mounting location and oil flow path. A Thermostatic sandwich plate can also be fitted to the remote filter head in case an oil cooling system is also required.

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